A relaxed and informal space to meet others and share your ideas! And be inspired by others!

As well as our Citizens Online programme to help equip people and communities with the creative skills of self-expression and community songwriting, we are now running a Monthly Songwriting Hangout over Zoom - every 2nd to last Tuesday of the month. 

Whether you've come to one of our Citizens Online sessions or you're new to the online community, this space is an open and creative space to share your ideas, whether a poem, a thought or a song. 

It is necessarily unstructured and we will give every participant space to share something they've created and invite encouraging feedback from the rest of the group. 

Even if you've not got anything to share - or you come thinking you don't (we may convince you otherwise....!) - come anyway, you might find yourself inspired to begin writing! 


4 - 6pm - link via registration below


17th November 2020
15th December 2020
19th January 2021

16th February 2021

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