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You can sign up to our mailing list by clicking here or entering below or if you would like to book Citizens Songwriters to deliver songwriting workshops to your community, event, charity etc. please drop us a line here

We are a Community Interest Company with charitable aims and any revenue we generate is reinvested into our community aims. The work we do aims to: 

  • Enable diverse groups to create original songs rooted in their experiences of their community, through professionally facilitated songwriting workshops.

  • Encourage individuals to participate in the full process of creating music; including writing lyrics, coming up with melodies, performing (and in some cases, recording) their songs.

  • Provide opportunities for individuals from isolated backgrounds to connect with their community through participating in the workshops and performing their songs in public

If you would like to donate and support the work we do, please visit our PayPal account below or if you'd prefer to give via an alternative method, please email us here

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IMAGE 3 Stories of Sanctuary Simone J Ru
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