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Stanley Songs for the Soul

From Thursday 16th September each week (1 - 3pm) we will be meeting at PACT House, Stanley for 'Songs for the Soul'

A unique community songwriting experience for the residents of Stanley, Co. Durham, using music to positively influence mental health. 

Citizen Songwriters would like to thank County Durham Community Foundation and the Stanley Community Fund for funding this project. You can learn more about CDCF HERE

Come and join us and learn how to write and perform your own songs. Songs from the project will also be recorded and feature on DH9 Radio


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Recovering as a Community after COVID

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have all made great sacrifices, lost loved ones and missed out on valuable time with the people we care about.


Songs for the Soul is all about connecting the community through music, meeting old friends and making new ones. If we have learned anything from this pandemic it is that our communities are stronger together. This project is an opportunity to share your stories, emotions and passions through music.


Join Alex and Sam at PACT House to learn how to share your story through song.   

Thursdays (1 - 3pm) at Stanley Pact House 
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